Shirley McLoon || Slytherin || Pureblood || Sixth Year || FC: Sky Ferreira || CLOSED

Shirley McLoon , better known around Hogwarts as “Shriley The Loon”,  wasn’t always the way she is today. Once having been one of the popular girls around Hogwarts her popularity came to a sudden crash after an incident that happened the summer going into her third year. Her family first came to find out she was a parsaltongue one plagued day when Shirley and her older brother got into a fight. In her anger she was told his snake that she wished he’d die, and so the snake listened. She was locked away in a mental institute for her third year and there she would receive her assignments as well. There she learned how to block away the accident that left her quiet and distant from the world. Returning to Hogwarts for her forth year caused a lot of commotion and many decided had begun to call her “Shirley The Loon”, except for her best girlfriends Babs, FiFi, and Gaz. Those are the only three people Shirley is ever her fun carefree self, with the exception of Plucky from time to time.  Most of the time you can spot her with either her girlfriends or wandering the outskirts of the forbidden forest. 


  • Babs —> Best Friend 
  • Fifi —> Best Friend
  • Gaz —> Best Friend
  • Plucky —> Close Friend 

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