Libby Folfax || Slytherin || Muggleborn || Seventh Year || FC: Bianca Lawson || OPEN

If you ever see someone grooving down the corridor, odds are its Libby Folfax. The girl oozes rhythm and always has a swing in her step. A swing that seems to be even more pronounced whenever a certain housemate of hers is around, Sheen Estevez. Not only can the girl bust a move, but Libby is also the star of Hogwarts’ Frog Choir this year. The down to earth girl doesn’t let that get to her head. In fact, Libby’s quite good at keeping herself and others grounded, like her best friend Cindy who tends to get a little high strung over the details. Libby is always there to bring her back to the big picture. The muggleborn girl learned how to play countless number of muggle instruments from her dad growing up, and her dream is to one day integrate muggle instruments with the world of wizard rock. That’s why Libby and Jimmy can have actual conversations, much to Cindy’s dismay. The Ravenclaw loves to ask her about the muggle world and Libby’s only too eager to answer. Because where Jimmy goes, Sheen goes.


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