Anonymous: Did you get an app for buttercup? 

We have no apps at the moment! 

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Because everyone follows him when he flies.

Welcome to Hogwarts, Sara!

Name: Sara
Timezone: Mountain Time
Activity: 7
Character Applying For: Arturo Copular
Character Ships: Arturo/Chemistry
Para Sample (This must be in character and at least two paragraphs. A paragraph consists of 7+ sentences):

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Praise be to Dahoo Doris!

Welcome to Hogwarts, Jennifer!

Name: Jennifer
Timezone: Pacific
Activity (1-10, 10 being the highest): 8-9ish
Character Applying For: Cindy Lou Who
Character Ships: Cindy/Chemistry 
Para Sample (This must be in character and at least two paragraphs. A paragraph consists of 7+ sentences):

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Anonymous: Does the OOC Chatzy still exist? 

Apparently not, but we stopped using it. I’ll take off the navigation now.

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Anonymous: Reserve on Cindy Lou Who please? 

Okay everyone, Cindy Lou Who’s on reserve for the next 24 hours. Get your applications in if you want to be considered!

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Dashing through the snow, on a one dog open sleigh…

Cindy Lou Who is open!

Max || Slytherin || Pureblood || Sixth Year || FC: Matt Barnes || CLOSED

Much like Cindy Lou destroys your typical Gryffindor stereotype, Max does the same with Slytherin. At first no one really questioned why Max was placed in Slytherin, except perhaps his best friend in the entire world Grinch. Unlike most Slytherins who could hex you in a heartbeat, Max would rather love you and cuddle you. He’d rather be friends than start a war. In fact when he sees Grinch being too mean to someone he patiently waits until his friend is gone and helps pick up the pieces he left behind, though he does it in secrecy so no one ever knows who he is. The one thing a lot of people do, including Grinch, is underestimate Max. Just because the boy is the happiest, most Hufflepuff Slytherin at Hogwarts it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a brain as sharp as a Ravenclaw. Often he tries to point out the flaws in Grinch’s plans but it only has ever resulted in him getting yelled at or hexed, so he’s given up on helping in that part. Loyal to the end Max will stay by Grinch’s side 100% for anything and often people are left wondering why. It’s not like he has the most friendly friendship with Grinch. The ones who don’t wonder about why Max chooses to be by Grinch’s side until the end are the ones who assume Max is too oblivious to see what Grinch does to him, and they are pretty spot on. The boy can be pretty oblivious to the world around him and the dangers that world holds. Normally you can find him either with Grinch or hanging around his not so secret close friend Cindy Lou Who.  If not with those two then Max is happily found ripping up the Quidditch pitch.